Upload flow control



Data update interval
Sets how often the real-time data file is updated.
Available range is 4-120 seconds.
Archive update interval
Sets how often the historical archive is updated.
Available range is 5-30 minutes
Idle below strike rate
Sets the minimum strike rate per minute which is required for Data Server to upload something. If below this setting the FTP connection will close and Data Server will go into idling mode. The FTP connection and uploads will resume after the strike rate goes above this setting.
If you set Idle below strike rate to 0 then the FTP connection will be continuously active.
Note that if NGX Data Server is in idling mode the Start/Stop button (FTP Settings) will not have any effect.
Available range is 0-100 strikes per minute
Strike rate limiter
This is the upper strike rate limitation. If more than a certain amount of strike data is received per minute from NexStorm the NGX Data Server will trim its internal data buffer to keep the rate below the set limiter value. This is critical for online display performance reasons. When severe close thunderstorms pass overhead NexStorm can detect several thousands of strikes per minute and flooding StormVue NGX with all this data for prolonged periods may cause slow performance and unresponsiveness in the StormVue NGX user interface.
Available range is 50-5000 strikes per minute. Avoid settings above 500 strikes per minute if you intend to use NGX Data Server mainly for real-time online display. If you primarily use NGX Data Server for database storage you can increase this to the maximum value to ensure lightning data is not lost.
Max archive records
Limits how many records the archive can contain. Large archives will cause long initial loading time for StormVueNGX so it is generally a good idea to limit the archive to 10000 records or less.
Available range is 1000-50000
When you are done entering settings make sure to save by selecting the 'Save settings' option from the main menu or by pressing shortcut key Ctrl+S