Background maps


Background maps for StormVue NGX are best created using the NexStorm Map snapshot option.
The default map size for an unscaled instance of StormVue NGX is 500x500 pixels. It is recommended to use the PNG format export option in Map snapshot. StormVue NGX natively supports this image format so no modifications to the exported background map images are required.
To make your maps just use Map snapshot option in NexStorm and export the ranges you want to be viewable in StormVue NGX. Add each map and its range as a parameter in stormvue.xml then upload the maps to the appropriate folder on your webserver. No map boundary coordinate information is required, this is all computed automatically by StormVue NGX based on the latitude and longitude you have provided in stormvue.xml.
Special procedures apply if you elect to change the dimension of StormVue NGX application window and want to avoid stretching or crunching of the map. Please see Background maps for a scaled StormVue NGX section here.