License and activation

StormVue NGX add-on software package for NexStorm is available as an unrestricted functionality, time limited evaluation version. If you want to continue using the software after the 21 day evaluation period has expired you must purchase a license, receive an activation key and use this key to unlock the application for continued use.


If you do not wish to continue using StormVue NGX after the evaluation period has expired you must uninstall the application from your computer as well as remove all StormVue NGX related files from your web server.


Once your order is complete, meaning you have made the payment and it has passed our payment processor's fraud checks, you will automatically receive an e-mail containing the activation key. Follow the instructions in this e-mail to activate your license.


The activation key is a generated encrypted key based on your computer's hardware and operating system signature. In case you make hardware modifications to your computer or upgrade the operating system the key can become invalid. If this happens you can perform up to 2 additional activations without contacting support.


In case you spend all 3 activations available to you please send us an e-mail describing your reasons for exceeding and request an activation reset.


Your license gives you the right to use the StormVue NGX software suite for an unlimited time. This license also partially extends to future NexStorm 2.0 versions where the Data Server features will be integrated into the main software.


To order your StormVue NGX license please visit the Astrogenic webshop.