NGX 2.5 Release notes

This page lists major software changes made in version 2.5


NGX Data server

- Added support for Telegram messenger close storm and all clear notifications

- Minimum Windows version requirement is changed from Windows XP to Windows 7 Service Pack 1 due to addition of Telegram library

- Minimum Microsoft .NET Framework requirement is now 4.6.1 due to addition of Telegram library

- Added export of historical data in JSON format in addition to real-time data

- Reduced minimum archive data export interval to 3 minutes from previously 5 minutes

- Changed some phrases and configuration options to reflect the new features


StormStation 5 NGX

- Added support to load one hour of archived JSON data when app is loaded the first time

- Added MapProviderOverlay parameter in settings.json to enable two map layers so that text labels and line features can be added to maps with only geographical data

- Added ClusteringMinZoom parameter in settings.json so that the MarkerCluster strike clustering option can be set to activate on a different zoom level than the default. This was hard coded in the previous version.

- Tidied up mapProviders.js file, removed outdated providers and added some new ones, including two text/line feature layers

- Improved real-time loading function so that it will retry faster in case of a loading error

- Bugfix: Fixed minute field formatting when showing AM/PM time format in pop-ups.

- Bugfix: Fixed text labels being clipped on some UI elements


StormVue NGX

- No changes