Important notes

Screenshots in this manual

Application screenshots may be from different versions of the software with certain labels containing text that does not reflect the current version. Generally this should not cause any confusion about an actual feature  but if you should find anything that appears to be completely off the mark then please let us know.



We recommend that for editing XML, HTML or JSON (Javascript) code that you use a text editor with syntax highlighting.


One such editor is the free Notepad++ which can be downloaded from



In the XML configuration colors are given in hexadecimal notation as RGB. Each color must begin with '0x'.



Red          0xFF0000

Green        0x00FF00

Blue         0x0000FF

Cream puff   0xFFEDA9


In the JSON configuration for StormStation 5 NGX colors are given as a function containing an RGB triplet



Red          rgb(255,0,0)

Green        rgb(0,255,0)

Blue         rgb(0,0,255)

Cream puff   rgb(255,237,169)



Certain parameters such as transparency (alpha) or scaling expects values between 0.0 and 1.0. This is equal to 0-100% where 0% is fully transparent while 100% is opaque.


Geographical coordinates

Geographical location coordinates are always provided in Decimal Degrees format.


Example: Lat/Lon for Malaga, Spain is 36.7183 -4.4202


Note that in the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand etc.) you must prefix the latitude with a minus sign.


If you live west of the Greenwich meridian (USA, Canada, some Western parts of Europe) you prefix the longitude with a minus sign.


If you are unsure about your location coordinates you can try finding them by searching for your home address on Bing maps. Bing maps will provide geographical location coordinate data in the correct Degrees Decimal format for each searched location: