NGX Data Server


The NGX Data Server is a Windows .NET application and will be installed automatically when you run the installation program. Depending on version the program will require Microsoft .NET 4.0 (V2.0 or earlier) or .NET 4.6.1 (V2.5 and later).


SQLite libraries require the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable to be installed. On many Windows computers these dependencies are already installed. In case they are not installed on your PC you can find downloads to the required setup files on the Prerequisites and installation page.



Basic configuration of the NGX Data Server entails entering information about your FTP server, setting certain upload flow parameters which controls how the NGX Data Server will upload the lightning data, and finally setting your geographical location coordinates and the type of lightning detector you are using.


Optional configuration involves enabling database storage or uploading of JSON formatted real-time data for StormStation 5 NGX, setting up the internal close strike alarm and alert e-mailing and Telegram features, and configuring and connecting to an external device. Each of these steps are described in detail in this manual.