FTP Settings



FTP server
The domain name or IP address of your FTP server.
Should be 21 unless indicated otherwise by your web site provider.
Active is the normal mode. Try Passive if you are having connection issues.
This is the login for your FTP server
Data directory
This is where the lightning data will be uploaded or copied to. We recommend that you create a dedicated folder on the web server where the StormVue NGX data is stored. Ideally this could be a subdirectory to the location where StormVueNG.swf is located.
File copy mode
Checking this option tells the Data Server to copy the files instead of using FTP. This is useful if you have a local network server with a shared network disk, If enabled the StormVueNGX data directory must be set to a valid Windows path.
Hold/Resume button
Toggles between FTP/Copy hold and resume. In FTP mode pressing the Hold button will not close the FTP connection. It will only prevent files from being uploaded.
Stop/Start button
Similar to Hold/Resume above but in this case pressing 'Stop' will close the FTP connection terminate the FTP session. Pressing Start while stopped will reconnect. Note that the Start condition is always overridden by the Idle below strike rate setting.
When you are done entering settings make sure to save by selecting the 'Save settings' option from the main menu or by pressing shortcut key Ctrl+S.