StormVue NGX overview


StormVue NGX is an Adobe Flash application. It can run hosted in a web browser or stand-alone on a PC with Flash player installed. Because of its vector based design the StormVue NGX user interface is fully scalable.


StormVue NGX uses a simple window and messaging sub-system called nimbOS. Similar to windows in the Windows operating system, windows in StormVue NGX are interactive and moveable.



The Flash application actually consists of two files, StormVueNG.swf and symlib.swf. The latter is a vector symbol library which StormVue NGX loads its strike and storm symbols from. The symbol library must therefore always reside in the same folder as StormVueNG.swf.


To run StormVue NGX on your local PC just double-click on StormVueNG.swf (Adobe Flash player must be installed).


To view the available vector symbols in the symbol library, double-click on symlib.swf.