StormVue NGX configuration

StormVue NGX is configured using an XML file named stormvue.xml. This file must reside in the same folder as StormVueNG.swf.
The function of many of the configuration parameters is described in embedded comments in the XML file. To configure your own application instance use the provided sample stormvue.xml file and modify it as required.
Below is a list of all the configuration parameters with expanded information where necessary.
km (kilometers) or mi (miles). All subsequent distance related entries are assumed to be given in the distance unit set here
24HR or 12HR (with AM/PM)
Number of distance rings
Distance ring color
Distance label color
Center cross color
Transparency of rings, labels and center cross. 0.0 is transparent while 1.0 is opaque.
Alarm ring color
Geographical location coordinates in Degrees Decimal format. This must match the values you have set in NGX Data Server
Outline of text in the user interface. Useful for bright backgrounds
Color of header text
User interface background color
The text you put here will appear under the map at the bottom left side. Use HTML special characters code for copyright signs etc. Copyright sign is &#169;
<map path=...>
Contains link and range for each map, Example:
<map path="" range="100" />
Up to 10 maps are allowed. The list should be ordered with the closest zoom map listed first and the farthest zoom map last. Also see Internet and local paths for more information.
Remember to use the appropriate distance unit configured in <distance_units>
Contains mapping of symbols to strike types. The different rows are used to assign symbols to the following strike types:
Row 0=Positive cloud-ground
Row 1=Negative cloud-ground
Row 2=Intra-cloud (positive and negative polarity)
Row 3=unknown type (used with LD-250)
Assigns a symbol to storm cells
Sets the scale (size on map) of the storm symbol. 1.0 is 100%. 50% would be 0.5
Scale of newest strike when it appears on the map
Scale of oldest strike. Values in between new and old will be interpolated
Transparency of newest strike.
Transparency of oldest strike. Values in between will be interpolated
Holds the path to where your Data Server is uploading data files to.
Holds the path to where your NexStorm TRAC report is uploaded to.
Standard or precision. Only use standard with NexStorm 1.x otherwise locations of strikes on the NexStorm and StormVue NGX maps will not match.
Set to true to enable LD-250 display mode. When enabled the Strike type classification statistics table will be replaced with a Quadrant distribution table. Likewise, the Strike Symbol Legend will appear differently than in StormTracker/LD-350 display mode.