Internet and local paths


Internet paths

When running StormVue NGX on a website the paths given in the stormvue.xml configuration file should be fully qualified. For example, the path given below is considered to be fully qualified:


<map path="" range="100" />


The path below is partial only as it does not specify protocol (HTTP) or the domain name (, only a subdirectory. Avoid assigning paths this way:


<map path="maps/mps_100.png" range="100" />


Local paths

StormVue NGX can be configured to run locally on your PC without the need for a Internet connection, web browser or web server. In such cases the Data Server is set to copy the relevant data files using File copy mode to a folder on your PC. You must, however, still assign paths in stormvue.xml for the parameters that requires it. To do this, instead of setting HTTP as the protocol we can specify FILE.



1. StormVue NGX background maps are located in C:\MyMaps\StormVueMaps\

2. NGX Data Server is copying the data files to C:\MyData\StormVueNGX\data\


Correct path assignments would in this case look like this:


<map path="file:///C:\MyMaps\StormVueMaps\mps_100.png" range="100" />


<strikedata_path> file:///C:\MyData\StormVueNGX\data\ </strikedata_path>


Note the file:/// protocol assignment with three forward slashes.


Also note that a crossdomain.xml file is not required when StormVue NGX is configured to run locally on your PC.