Status labels


This page contains brief descriptions on the general meaning of the information presented in the various main window status indicators.



Status group

Label Information
Upload Status of FTP upload or network file copy
Upload errors/min Upload errors per minute counter
Total upload errors Number of upload errors since start or last reset
Uploaded records Number of uploaded records since last restart
IPC-1 Strike Connection status to NexStorm IPC-1 strike data channel
IPC-2 Storm Connection status to NexStorm IPC-2 storm data channel
Strike data rate/min Rate per minute of strikes received over IPC-1
Antenna alignment NexStorm antenna alignment correction in degrees
NexStorm version Version of installed NexStorm software

Close strike alarm group

Label Information
Close rate/min Rate per minute of strikes occurring within close alarm radius
Alarm range Close strike alarm distance radius, km or mi
All clear in Remaining number of minutes before All clear takes effect
E-mail alerts Indicates if the e-mail alerting feature is enabled

Further help links: Close strike alarm, E-mail alerts


Output states group

Label Information
External device Shows whether an external device is connected
JSON upload Shows if JSON formatted upload is enabled or not
DB storage Shows if database storage has been enabled
DB insert time Database performance indicator. Normal transaction times are around 30 ms


Further help links: External device, Database storage and JSON upload