Demo page
Usage tips
🌎 Location coordinates
Hold down keyboard CTRL key while moving mouse pointer over map. Latitude and longitude coordinates at the mouse pointer position are shown in a label near the pointer arrow.
👆 Interact
Tap the option buttons to view and change things. Available options are, from left to right:
Display mode selector - Strike rate graph toggle on/off - Lightning symbol legend toggle on/off - Replay loop - Settings - Sensor site info
🔍 Map zoom
Tap the or buttons to zoom the map in and out
Set close lightning alarm
Open Settings dialog settings and slide Close lightning alarm to ON position. Close Settings dialog by tapping settings again.

On-center alarm: Hold down CTRL key and left mouse button, drag mouse pointer until alarm range ring is set to desired range.

Off-center alarm: Hold down SHIFT and CTRL keys, position mouse pointer over desired alarm location. Press and hold left mouse button while dragging to desired range.

Lock alarm configuration: To prevent alarm setting from being changed inadvertently, open Settings dialog settings and slide Lock close alarm setting to ON position.