Astrogenic Systems is the developer of weather related software for the Microsoft Windows platform and Internet.

Our flagship application NexStorm is an advanced lightning detection and analysis interface for use with the Boltek™ Corporation range of personal lightning detection systems.

NexStorm provides the user with a rich set of features and has been designed with networking integration, data exporting capability and application extensibility in mind. Be sure to visit the NexStorm product page and read all about the most popular and accurate lightning detection software there is!

StormVue NGX 2.5 - Now with Telegram alerts!
For single sensor lightning detection, StormVue NGX is our latest and greatest web display option for NexStorm.

StormVue NGX features live monitoring of lightning data on the web or over a local network. It is a major step up in terms of online user interactivity features. Long story short, there is nothing like it!

With the new 2.5 release we are introducing close storm alerting options via Telegram instant messenger. Telegram is supported on all commonly used mobile devices and operating systems.

Check out this must-have NexStorm add-on by clicking on logo or here to visit the product page, or get it now on the webshop.

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