Email Alert Add-on for NexStorm
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Stay Ahead Of Lightning!
With the TSentry™ FREE Edition add-on for NexStorm™ you can receive warnings via email when thunderstorms are in your area!

TSentry™ main window
Alarm functionality
TSentry™ can be configured to listen to the various NexStorm alarms, or to monitor an arbitrary radius from your location for lightning activity.

The program uses the NexStorm FlashGate-2 inter-process communication data feed to capture locations of so called TRAC targets that NexStorm has detected and is currently tracking. A TRAC target is essentially the software equivalent of a real life thunderstorm.

When a TRAC target triggers one of the NexStorm alarms an alert notification message containing text based information about the storm can be emailed to up to 20 different email addresses. For additional recipients we suggest you use a mailing list.

After the lightning activity has moved out of the area being monitored TSentry™ can optionally send an All Clear notification message to all recipients.

TSentry™ alarm configuration dialog
Message templates
Both the Alert and All Clear messages are based on templates in which the user can insert several predefined tags. This provides for complete control over message formatting while at the same time allowing TSentry™ to insert current information for each sent message.

A special "short data" tag can be used to present coded, compact data about the triggering storm.

TSentry™ comes with ready-made templates for both the Alert and All Clear notification messages. Both templates can be easily modified in a text editor such as Notepad.
Mail server compatibility
TSentry™ can send emails via any SMTP mail server that supports PLAIN and LOGIN authentication methods, or servers where no authentication is required. Most mail servers support one or all of the above mentioned authentication methods.

Context sensitive Help
TSentry™ comes with built in, cross referenced and context sensitive help describing all aspects of using the software.
System requirements
• Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 or 8, 32 or 64 bit
• NexStorm™ lightning detection software (Lite not supported!)
• Boltek™ StormTracker, LD-250 or LD-350 lightning detector
• Access to mail server with SMTP support
If you are having problems starting TSentry you may need to install Microsoft C++ 2012 runtimes on your computer.

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