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With NexStorm, you get so much more than just another software application. You will be joining a fast growing community of lightning detection enthusiasts that all have one goal in common - to share their information with others over the Internet.

- For advanced and real time lightning data monitoring and display over a network be sure to check out the awesome StormVue NGX add on for NexStorm!

- Only NexStorm enables you to participate in StrikeStar™ - the world's premiere community based lightning detection network! By installing and running a lightweight network client alongside your NexStorm, your lightning data is relayed to a central processing server where it is triangulated with data captured by other detectors. This enables us to triangulate and pin-point locations of storms and associated lightning with an accuracy far surpassing that of any stand-alone lightning detection system. As you are supplying your lightning data to one of our networks you are guaranteed access to the network-produced output, such as screenshots and other exciting features that we plan to add in the future.

We don't want to sound like a TV-Shop commercial, but wait, there is more! StrikeStar™ participants are entitled to receive a free lightning monitoring tool called Wide Area Storm Probe 2 (WASP2). With this cool Windows application you can hook up to your local StrikeStar™ network server and watch live lightning activity from any PC with an Internet connection! WASP2 also enables you to publish a real-time map of local lightning activity on your web site! The really crazy part is, WASP2 is absolutely free!

Thanks to our collaboration with Weather Underground Inc., WASP2 has the additional capability of displaying real-time, on-map NEXRAD data when used in the United States!

StrikeStar™ networks are currently available in USA/Canada, Europe and Australia/New Zealand. See here for links to the different StrikeStar™ network websites.

- Only NexStorm allows third party software vendors to truly integrate NexStorm lightning data in their applications. You will find examples of such applications on our Download page. Other products keep the live data sealed and contained, thus severly limiting your options and restricting the usability to only watching live lightning activity on the local PC. Make sure that you don't box yourself when choosing a lightning detection software!

- We listen to our users! Many software developers will write software based on some self-perceived ideas about what a good software package should accomplish. In contrast to this our software design always takes a user-centric approach. We would never think of making a major software revision without consulting our users first. As a NexStorm owner you are also welcome to participate in our open beta testing programs and the ongoing information exchange on our support forum.

NexStorm is available for purchase in our webshop!
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